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  Fengxi District of Chaozhou city is a place whose porcelain products have been popular to all over the world, which has been famous as “a comprehensive synthesist of all kilns and skills in China”. And our factory, Chaozhou Fengxi Symbol Ceramics Factory, is right there located in the famous “capital of ceramics” in Southern China.
  Chaozhou Fengxi Symbol Ceramics Factory (named firstly The First Chihu Pottery ), was founded in the year of 1992. After years of ups and downs, now it is a comprehensive ceramic enterprise with operations like designing, producing and marketing, aiming at dealing high-quality household porcelain branded with “SYMBOL”. We have a well-educated staff of managers and technologists.
  We produce table wears such as cups, bowls, plates, dishes, etc, using materials like magnesia porcelain, durable porcelain, shell porcelain and so on. As the regular reputation of Fengxi ceramic, our products are “white as flawless white jade, bright as a clear mirror, thin as a piece of paper and sounding as a chime stone”. And thanks to these qualities, our products have been highly spoken of in domestic and overseas markets.
  Our business slogan is “felicitous gifts, high-quality life”. And you are sincerely welcome here to consult, suggest or do business.



FTY Add: Road Chihu, Fengxi District, Chaozhou, Canton, CHN
Contact: Mr.Kenbo CHEN
Store Add: Liangang Ceramics Wholesale Market, Chihu, Fengxi District, Chaozhou, Canton, CHN
TEL:86-768-6890560 FAX:86-768-6890560
MP:  86-13600123987

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